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Cover artwork for The Norwegians & Stripped

Nine compilation CD

UK released limited edition compilation CD. Contained  'The Last Revolutionaries Waltz' and 'Suffer in Silence' by The Norwegians.

Africa - Make or Break

Compilation cassette released to coincide with the Ulster Hall charity fundraiser for Oxfam. Featured 'Turn It On' from The Norwegians.

4 Walls EP

The first ever commercial release from Stripped in 1998. The four songs were 4 Walls, Secrets, Love Is Gone and Lately.

The Girl With Cartoon Eyes EP

The 2nd of their successful EP releases featured the four tracks: The Girl With Cartoon Eyes, There She Goes, Thrill Me, Don't Walk Away.


The first of many successful compilation releases for Stripped and the first of several BURBs compilation appearances. This first one was sponsored by Yamaha Music UK and featured '4 Walls'.

Energy Fields Vol1

The first in a series of 5 compilation CDs produced by The Undertones John O'Neill. Stripped wrote and contributed a brand new track ' In Space (no-one hears you scream)' and recorded a video to accompany it which is included on this multimedia CD. A short promotional tour followed to promote this release.

The Blue and The Gray Vol4

A popular compilation series in the US. Stripped were the first non US act to be included and contributed the track ' Love Is Gone'.

Audio Blast 1

This compilation showcased a very different sound from Stripped. Audio Blast 1 featured their newly recorded electronic dance track 'High & Dry'.

Out Of My Head

A compilation of 14 tracks recorded between 1998 - 2001.

One of their best selling CDs to date and available now from this site.



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