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Inner vision, The Norwegians and Stripped


Inner Vision

Above: Taken after fundraising show at George Sloan Centre, Ballymena.

  Inner Vision 1988 -1989

Inner Vision were Marc Carey, Daryl Ball, Norman Nicholl, Jason Whiteside and Geoff Baxter.

They formed in 1988 while four of the band members were at school together.

In just over 1 year they played approx. 12 live dates together.

Although primarily a covers band doing a wide range range of styles the members displayed some early songwriting talent.

Their biggest show was a sold out (500 seats) charity fundraiser which was captured on video.

After their split all members continued to be musically active playing with other bands such as Stripped, The Hangmen, Rattlesnake Suitecase as well as some solo work.

Inner Vision still remain good friends today and there is possibility of Daryl, Norman and Marc perhaps working together again in the future. Watch this space...

(For more on Inner Vision see Interviews)

The Norwegians 1990 -1994

The Norwegians went though several changes before arriving at their best known line up in 1990. Members were: Gary Hood, Richard McDowell, Daryl Ball, Aaron Blair and Paul 'Huggy'Bennett.

During their 4 years together The Norwegians developed a reputation as one of N. Irelands best live bands. They also played a few UK dates and a four week, U.S. Tour including New York, Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, St Louis and Nantucket.

The Norwegians did most of their recording at the renowned Homestead studios in Randalstown and Windmill Lane in Dublin and had 4 commercial releases.

The Nine CD a compilation of nine popular N. Irish bands each contributing two tracks each.

Turn It On was an 8 song cassette release which sold out on their US tour.

Africa - Make Or Break was a charity album featuring well known local bands and a fund raising concert in the famous Ulster Hall Belfast.

Bitter & Twisted - one of the popular series of BURBs compilations.

Many of their songs on these releases received good airplay on local and UK stations. The Norwegians also had the opportunity to work with some well known names including Mike Peters (The Alarm), Henry Cloney (Stiff Little Fingers), The Buzzcocks, Dave Finnegan (The Commitments) and UK rockers The Almighty.

After 4 years together The Norwegians parted company. Singer Gary Hood fronted another local band Faith In Rachael, Richard swapped his guitar for a fishing rod, Paul found happiness living in the U.S. and after a couple of years apart Daryl and Aaron came together to form Stripped.

A CD 'The Last Revolutionaries Waltz' containing some of the best Norwegians tracks is available now from this site!


Stripped 1998 - Present

Stripped were formed from two members of the Norwegians Daryl Ball & Aaron Blair. The were quickly joined by Daryls younger brother Ryan and soon became a local favourite playing in pubs and clubs as an acoustic three piece. Later they were joined by drummer Alwyn Evans.

Stripped soon made the move to electric guitars and a fuller band sound, started introducing their own songs into the set and it was then that their success really began...

Stripped's new sound was showcased on their first four song EP '4 Walls' released at the end of 1998. This sold so well that the band achieved a top 10 placing in the N. Irish charts.

4 Walls was quickly followed by another track included on the first BURBs compilation CD release. The success of this led to a one off live showcase, sponsored by Yamaha UK, which included Stripped.

Stripped continued playing live building up a bigger following which ensured that their next release the four song 'The Girl With Cartoon Eyes EP' was another success with great reviews and sold out in just over 1 month!

Stripped had started receiving good airplay not only in the UK but also on stations in the US & Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Russia as well as several internet and college radio stations.

Before long Stripped came to the attention of John O'Neill (The Undertones) who invited them to be  featured on the Energy Fields CD, the first in a series of 5 compilation CDs released over 3 years. Stripped recorded In Space (no one hears you scream) accompanied by a promo video and completed a short promotional tour.

 Further releases were to follow on several compilation albums including The Blue and The Gray a US released compilation CD, Audio Blast 1, Suspend Your Disbelief (compilation released in Italy) and three more BURBs compilations(still available from )

A compilation CD titled Out Of My Head featuring 14 of their best tracks was released in 2001 and is still available to buy from this site.

Stripped last recordings together were acoustic demo sessions in 2005.

In 2003 three of the original members of Stripped played a few low key acoustic shows while in New Zealand together and again in the UK in 2005.

March 2005 Stripped featured on a charity compilation CD 'Unsigned Bands Unite' with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

For details on future recordings and live performances watch this space...


MySpace - Stripped

The Norwegians - On Tour





CDs available from this site NOW!!