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The Girl With Cartoon Eyes

 Well she's The Girl With Cartoon Eyes,

She'll take you by surprise, everybody knows her.

And when she takes you by the hand,

she'll help you understand, see through the lies.

and the girl with cartoon eyes, who everyone denies

will open her arms and greet you and when she pulls you deep inside

 she'll make you feel alright like nothing else could

CH She's a lady of the world she knows what she knows

 and she will reach you. And if you don't know wrong from right

she'll slip into your mind and she will teach you...


I am not to blame, so I won't hang my head in shame

you treat this like a game but I don't feel much like playing.

We know it wasn't me but still your lies mean they can't see

you've hidden it so deep well I just pray that you can't sleep.

CH You laughed at what you said

I was never in your bed, to take your secrets...

Fart Scratch and Roll Over

Another 10 beers in a backroom bar, another Friday night.

He gambles all his wages and picks another fight.

Stumbles back home to his wife soon and climbs between the sheets

Crawls all over her body, doesn't even stop to speak

Ch: It's just Fart Scratch and Roll Over, The same thing every week

just fart scratch and roll over, he's a joker between the sheets

and she remembers the young mans she married

when making love was so sweet,

Now it's fart scratch and roll over into sleep...


More Lyrics Coming Soon...