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Baby Ball

Me aged about 18months playing with toy cars.

To date I've never learned to drive!


Sweet and innocent, just like I am today...


Aged about 11. This was my first year at Cambridge House Boys Grammar School.

I left school with 9 GCSEs and completed two A Levels at Ballymena Technical College.


Me with friend Alison while on holidays in Portrush late 1980's.

Used to have wonderful family holidays there.

Would still have been playing with Inner Vision around the time of this photo.

20 Something

Mid 20's.

Still living in Ballymena and playing with Stripped at this time.


New Zealand

On Holiday at Pahia, New Zealand where I lived for three years from 2001 - 2004

New Zealand is a beautiful country and I enjoyed my time there.


My Family 2004

My wonderful Wife and kids photographed in Manitoba, Canada summer 2004.