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The Norwegians

The Norwegians are a no nonsense, hard edged, rollicking five piece who write and perform unashamedly inspired rock anthems and classic ballads. Larger than life front man Gary Hood oozes raw energy and his stage antics should not be missed...    Shankhill People, October 1991

...Best tracks on the CD came from Ballymena's favourite sons The Norwegians, with strong intelligent pop of the first order...  Nine CD Review by Robin Greer

The band exists mainly on its own material and having listened to some demo songs, it's obvious how they've managed to do so well in such a short time. They're a tight, well rehearsed outfit with a biting edge to their music that forces you back for more...   Ballymena Times

At this stage in the game it would seem to me that The Norwegians would be ripe for the plucking by some major record company....  They are a band currently playing with the degree of tightness one would expect from an outfit who gig as regularly as they do.    Sunday Life

The Norwegians have made some significant local motions and have the press clippings to prove it. They offer up a number of poppy cuts that create a Phil Collins meets The Levellers vibe. 'Turn It On' with it's smooth, sultry male vocals, upbeat and catchy guitar licks, is sure to be a radio hit given the opportunity....    (Source Unknown)


What's Love - reviewed on

This is a real crowd pleaser sort of reminds me of Big Country from the 80's. Kicking rhythm section pounds your ass into submission. The call and response chorus is a great choice.

The Last Revolutionaries Waltz - reviewed on garageband

Made for radio ! This song grabs you, sits you down and makes you listen, great hook, and just long enough to make you like it with out being too long. I call it the hit and run, make 'em want more by keeping it short. This is great.

Suffer In Silence - reviewed on

Normally I'm not a big guitar fan, but I like the use of the different guitar sounds in this song very much! Everything is very well balanced; I think the vocalist has a great voice!



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